Your new year will be a success if it looks like the one from these movies / series


If you can't wait to switch to 2020, here are some movies and episodes of series that could inspire you for this New Year's Eve!

This year 2020 ends in an unprecedented way for all French people! A curfew has been in place since 14 last December and if Christmas Eve escaped this rule, that of new year is not so lucky! AT 20 hours, you must be at home, “confined” Unless you don't come out until 6 a.m. Despite everything, nothing prevents you from dreaming of a New Year worthy of the greatest movies or series. Even if the episodes centered on the short story years are not the most common, since the writers favor Halloween or Christmas, here are all the same the best films and episodes of series on this party with new resolutions!

The Bridget Jones Diary

Bridget Jones Trailer – Credit (s): Universal Studios

At the dawn of its 20 year-old Bridget Jones tried to get her life back on track. As for each 20 December, she decided to make good resolutions to start the new year on good basics! Even if it is not really a New Year's Eve, nothing prevents us from setting goals for 2020!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Trailer – Credit (s): Warner

This is obviously the movie on the 20 December par excellence! This feature film with a dream cast is to watch without moderation and shows us different awakenings from the New Year to ventilate us a little…

Forrest Gump